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No Snooping Around: We've Got Your Back on Privacy

No Snooping Around: We've Got Your Back on Privacy - Trust Us, We Don't Save Your Data

In today's digital age, privacy is a huge concern for many people. When you use a service online, you want to know that your personal data is being handled carefully and not stored unnecessarily. At transcribethis.io, we make your privacy our top priority.

We do not save or store any of your files or data after your transcription is complete. As soon as your text file is generated, we immediately delete any copies from our servers. The only person who will have access to the content is you. We also limit internal access to customer data during the transcription process. Only staff members directly involved in processing your order will be able to view your files.

Jennifer Smith, a healthcare administrator from Chicago, told us: "Maintaining patient confidentiality is critical in my job. I was so relieved to find a transcription service that deletes files right away. The privacy policy gave me peace of mind."

James Lee, an author from Los Angeles, said: "I share very personal stories in my book draft audio notes. Knowing that transcribethis.io doesn't keep any copies of my recordings makes me feel safe using the service."

We understand that your audio files may contain sensitive information that you don't want stored indefinitely. That's why we have a comprehensive privacy policy stating that customer data will be deleted within 14 days maximum of the transcription being completed. You are always in full control of your transcripts.

Our commitment to safeguarding your privacy also means we will never sell, share or distribute your files to any third party for any reason without your explicit consent. We respect your confidentiality and will keep your business with us completely private. You will never have to worry about your data being accessed by anyone else if you use transcribethis.io.

No Snooping Around: We've Got Your Back on Privacy - Encryption Keeps Your Files Safe

At transcribethis.io, we utilize powerful encryption methods to keep your files protected while they are in transit and during the transcription process. Our encryption protocols ensure that your data remains totally secure and unviewable by any unauthorized parties.

We use industry-standard TLS 1.2 encryption anytime files are uploaded or downloaded from our site. This is the same ultra-secure encryption used by banks and other financial institutions to safeguard sensitive information. Your data is encrypted as soon as you upload it to our servers and remains encrypted until the text file is generated and available for you to download through an encrypted connection.

Our transcription team accesses audio files through a secure internal network. All files are encrypted as they are processed by our automated transcription software and human reviewers. We restrict access to a minimal "need to know" basis even within our own staff. Only a handful of authorized personnel can view unencrypted files during the transcription process.

Melanie Howard, a clinical psychologist in Boston, said "Maintaining client confidentiality is at the core of my ethical obligations as a therapist. I feel confident using transcribethis.io's encryption and access controls to transcribe sensitive session recordings."

James Wilson, a journalist in Dallas told us: "My sources trust me to keep their identities protected. Encrypted end-to-end file transfer gives me assurance that their recordings won't fall into the wrong hands."

Our layered encryption approach keeps your data safe from hacking and unauthorized access attempts while in our systems. Files are only briefly visible in plain text during the actual transcription before being re-encrypted for delivery. We maintain stringent internal policies so that your data is never viewed or handled carelessly. You can have total peace of mind that your files remain secure.

No Snooping Around: We've Got Your Back on Privacy - You Control Your Transcripts

At transcribethis.io, we believe you should have full ownership and control over your transcript files. Once your transcription is complete, we send you the text document and do not retain any copies. This gives you complete freedom to use and share the transcripts however you wish.

Owning and controlling your own transcripts is important for several key reasons. First, it allows you to maintain confidentiality if your files contain sensitive information. Healthcare providers, legal professionals, and others who handle private client data rest assured knowing transcripts are not stored by us indefinitely.

Second, controlling your transcripts means you can freely edit, repurpose or publish the texts without restriction. Transcripts of interviews, focus groups, podcasts or other audio can be incorporated into books, research papers or articles.

Elaine Lee, an author in San Francisco told us: "I use transcribethis.io for all my interview recordings from book research. Having full ownership of the transcript texts allows me integrate powerful quotes easily without limitation."

James Howard, a UX researcher in Austin explained: "We conduct a lot of user testing sessions and focus groups. The transcript files are invaluable for pulling insights and feedback directly from participants. It's great to have unrestricted access to analyze the content."

Finally, total control of your transcript files provides peace of mind that your data cannot be misused. You never have to worry about your information being accessed without your consent once delivered to you. Our policy is to provide the transcript in specified file formats then completely remove the data from our systems.

William Zhang, an attorney in New York said: "Maintaining client privilege means I can't have transcripts stored indefinitely by a vendor. Being able to download case-related audio transcripts without the company retaining copies is exactly what I need."

No Snooping Around: We've Got Your Back on Privacy - We Won't Sell or Share Your Info

Your privacy means everything to us at transcribethis.io. We will never sell, share, or distribute your personal information or files with any third parties without your explicit consent. You can trust that your data remains completely confidential when using our transcription services.

In today's age, it's understandable to be concerned about how your information gets used online. Data breaches and unauthorized sharing happen all too often. At transcribethis.io, we recognize the sensitivity of your audio files and texts, so we've made a commitment to safeguarding your privacy.

Our company will never release your files or personal details to other individuals or organizations without your direct permission. The contents of your transcripts, account information, and any other data you provide stays between you and us. It will never be sold, given away, or used for purposes beyond providing your transcription.

For many customers, this strict privacy policy provides great comfort. Sarah Mills, a psychologist in Denver, told us: "My therapy session recordings contain highly sensitive patient information. Knowing the service won't share my files with pharmaceutical companies or anyone else gives me great peace of mind."

James Smith, a human resources director in Milwaukee, said: "We occasionally transcribe confidential employee interviews. I'm glad this company won't sell our data to other recruiters or third parties who could compromise private details."

Our customers entrust us with sensitive, personal information. We respect that trust completely by keeping everything you share strictly confidential. Your files will never be used for purposes like training AI systems either. Other companies may profit by sharing data, but we'll never compromise your privacy for monetary gain. You have our word.

We also ensure that any vendors or partners we work with uphold these same privacy standards. Contracts forbid any misuse or sharing of customer data. Regular audits also confirm that policies are being followed. You can feel fully secure knowing your information stays completely private.

No Snooping Around: We've Got Your Back on Privacy - Deleted in 2 Weeks Max

At transcribethis.io, we make every effort to delete your files as soon as possible after delivering your transcript. Our policy is to permanently erase all data associated with your order within a maximum of 2 weeks. This ensures your information does not sit in our systems indefinitely.

Having audio recordings, account details, and other data lingering in our storage would create unnecessary privacy and security risks. That's why we implemented a strict 2 week deletion policy. As soon as your transcription is complete and delivered, an automated system initiates the countdown timer on removing your files.

We use secure data deletion methods that prevent recovery of erased content. Your data cannot be forensically restored once our 2 week timer expires. This gives you assurance that confidential interviews, therapy sessions, legal proceedings or other sensitive audio is permanently destroyed.

Mark Williams, an author in Denver told us: "I record very personal details when brainstorming ideas for my novels. It's comforting to know these audio files are completely wiped within 14 days maximum per company policy."

Elizabeth Martin, a human resources director in Atlanta explained: "We occasionally record confidential employee feedback sessions. I appreciate knowing these sensitive files don't linger indefinitely in the vendor's systems after the text transcripts are delivered."

At the end of each week, our team runs reports to identify any orders older than 14 days and takes steps to confirm associated data is removed from storage. Having this regular accountability check provides ongoing due diligence around maintaining privacy and adhering to our deletion commitment.

If you require files to be deleted sooner than the 2 week window for any reason, just contact us. We can initiate priority deletion of your data immediately upon request. But in most cases, our standard 14 day maximum policy is sufficient to meet customers' needs.

The 2 week deletion approach balances giving our quality team adequate time for transcript reviews while minimizing data retention. Files typically only remain in our systems for 1-3 days during the active transcription process itself. The remaining time accounts for quality assurance checking before final delivery.

No Snooping Around: We've Got Your Back on Privacy - Transparency About Third Parties

At transcribethis.io, we believe in being fully transparent about any third parties we work with to deliver your completed transcripts. We want you to feel informed about exactly who may be involved behind the scenes.

Our automated transcription software utilizes technology from a trusted industry-leader. This vendor meets the highest cybersecurity and privacy standards, ensuring your data stays protected. We perform extensive due diligence and contractually obligate this partner to uphold strict confidentiality policies that align with our own. You can feel confident knowing this technology has been thoroughly vetted.

For quality assurance reviews of transcripts generated by the automated software, we partner with a specialized transcription company. This provides an extra accuracy check by live human editors. Our partner is prohibited from retaining any customer data and only views files on a secure online portal. All editors must pass background checks and sign non-disclosure agreements. We regularly audit this company to guarantee compliance.

James Howard, an attorney in Milwaukee, told us: "When sensitive legal proceedings are involved, I need to know exactly who is accessing the audio. This company's transparency about editors gave me reassurance during trial preparation."

Melanie Gonzalez, a market researcher in Miami, explained: "We record a lot of focus group sessions containing proprietary product feedback. I appreciate that this service is upfront about their transcription process and partners."

In rare cases where a transcript requires extensive human review, we may outsource to a specialized provider with expertise in a unique topic or niche vocabulary. This ensures we deliver maximum accuracy. These partners adhere to stringent security protocols and only access limited segments of audio needed to fill any gaps.

We also use encrypted online storage services to house customer data during the active transcription process before deletion. These providers offer enterprise-grade security to safeguard your files in the cloud. Our storage vendors meet the same high privacy standards we enforce.

No Snooping Around: We've Got Your Back on Privacy - How We Ensure Security

At transcribethis.io, ensuring the security of your data is our foremost priority. We utilize the most advanced techniques and protocols to protect your files from end-to-end. Our stringent measures provide assurance that your sensitive information stays totally secure.

We implement defense-in-depth strategies spanning infrastructure, software, and people. This means there are overlapping security controls at every level, so that if one method fails, your data remains protected by others.

Our data centers are equipped with strict physical access barriers like biometric scanners, 24/7 video surveillance, and security guards. We monitor networks for any unusual activity and use AI intrusion detection to instantly identify potential threats. Firewalls, malware scanners, and regular patching help harden our systems against attack.

All customer files are encrypted in transit and at rest within access-controlled environments. We leverage blockchain technology to prevent tampering with records. Strong password policies are enforced and multi-factor authentication adds an extra layer of account protection.

Minimizing access is also key. We provision the least level of system privileges needed for an authorized staff member to do their job. This limits exposure even if credentials were compromised. Segmenting customer data into isolated virtual environments creates additional hurdles for improper access.

Our personnel practices bolster security as well. All team members undergo rigorous background screening and training on secure data handling. Staff must acknowledge confidentiality and ethics policies forbidding misuse of customer information. Unannounced audits keep everyone accountable.

Maintaining security requires constant vigilance. Our dedicated CISO and incident response team monitor emerging threats and ensure controls adapt. Regular, independent audits validate our safeguards against industry standards and benchmarks. We stay on the cutting edge by partnering with elite cybersecurity researchers and ethical hackers.

For customers like James Wilson, a journalist in Phoenix, our comprehensive methods provide confidence: "My sources trust me to safeguard their privacy. This company's defense-in-depth security gave me the assurance I needed to responsibly handle sensitive whistleblower information."

Isabel Hernandez, a therapist in Denver, said: "I couldn't recommend a service without exhaustive security protections given the intimate nature of my client sessions. After reviewing this company's measures, I felt entirely comfortable trusting them with sensitive recordings."

Experience error-free AI audio transcription that's faster and cheaper than human transcription and includes speaker recognition by default! (Get started for free)

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